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Client Speaks - Testimonials for Aegis Software

Aegis is a pioneer in Apache Spark’s development in India.It is the Apache Spark partner for diverse clients because it has the desired expertise and skills. We offer comprehensive consultation services that are driven by client’s requirement and powered by Aegis’s determination to offer the best.

Holistic Consultation

Our Apache Spark consultingservices can be easily described as a two-way communication where we understand your requirement and suggest the appropriate solution. Our consultation services come with an advantage and that is the expertise that Aegis carries.

  • Understand: We know that all clients are different and their expectations from the big data solution would be different. Therefore, our extensive consultation sessions have multiple facets. The first interaction centers around your business, your need, and your expectation.
  • Suggest: Once we know what you are looking for, we streamline the technologies that meet your requirement. We consider all aspects in streamlining including your budget. We then suggest the solution to you for short listing.

Our Apache Spark consulting services reach a full circle when you get what you want.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We offer a free trial of our services that gives you an idea of our services and enable you to select us when you are completely satisfied with our services. What you also get is an edge because we offer development, implementation, and host of other Apache Spark services which are all interconnected to form the path of success.

Choose us because of our impeccable customer service, 100% satisfaction rate, domain knowledge, industry experience, and trusted name. All of this from one service provider who caters to domestic and offshore clients.

Contact us at info@aegissoftwares.com to avail our consultation services or send us your requirements so that our team can contact you with the best Apache Spark solutions.