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Synchronize Contacts in Dynamics 365 for finance and operations

Contacts are the actual people you get in touch from the customer’s/vendor’s organization. It is more of a point of contact for which, we hold information such as personal information, employment information, and competencies information.

Creating your first Model-Driven app using PowerApps

Model-driven apps use and, are built over Dynamics 365 CE Platform. So basically, if we are creating an app using the app designer in Dynamics 365, then we are essentially creating Model-driven apps.

Jump Start – Embedding Power BI Dashboard and Report inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

In the previous article, we saw how to quickly create Power BI Report, in this article we will learn about embedding or displaying those reports (and dashboard) inside Dynamics 365.

Jump Start - Writing Power BI Reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

In the article, we will learn step by step, how to create a Power BI Report using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE as the data source.

Fleet management in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Fleet management is a vehicle management application. It is used to rent a vehicle and managing the maintenance of the vehicle.

Here we will demonstrate the use of fleet management application thought demo data.

Personalization in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

One of the interesting features of dynamics 365 for finance and operation is Personalization. There is a lot of advancement we can see as compared to the previous version of AX. If utilized fully, it can play the key role in satisfying user and gain their confidence.

Starve off the age-old marketing techniques with Dynamics 365’s latest add-ons!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 created a buzz in the market from the time it has stepped into the industry. The inception of this highly efficient solution was intended to enhance the quality of operations of a company. Though, it is a CRM software, but it has 3 separate wings: Customer support, marketing and sales, and all of these are beautifully in sync with each other.

Dynamics 365 helps the NGOs to steer greater impact!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers great potential to simplify the line-of-business, and enables the company to boost theagility of the organization and lessen the costs. It has a host of features that can be used by the business to manage and amplify the customer relationships.

How to remove unnecessary space on Dynamics 365 Quick View Forms

In this Blog, I will explain How to remove unwanted extra spaces from Dynamics 365 Quick View Forms. Suppose you have Quick view form placed on Main form then you will see some extra spaces shown on top/bottom of Form Label inside a Main form section.

Different uses of Apache Spark popular in developers

Apache Spark has gained quick real-world adoption. It is one of the largest open source communities in Big Data over 200 contributors. In this article, Apache Spark Developers are sharing different use cases of this popular platform with you.

Incubator Module: Changing the Way We Work With Java

What if we had a way of testing APIs before they were released? We are not talking of tests by in-house developers who could be blind to actual faults that the average user finds daunting. What if we had a way of getting users to test it before standardizing it? Oracle has promised us pretty much the same for some time now.

SAP vs.Oracle vs. Microsoft Dynamics

Each of the three ERP systems has their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and tradeoffs. Although the three are separated by their individual niches and market share, their roadmap, plans, and strategies for the future can very well affect their standing in the market.

Top Apache Spark FAQs Answered

A lot many professionals today are weighing their options for starting a career in Apache Spark as Big Data scientists and practitioners. With technology growing every day, and the IT landscape changing fast, it is important to keep track of the job scenario.

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