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Different Use Cases of Apache Spark Popular Among Developers

Apache Spark has gained quick real-world adoption. It is one of the largest open source communities in Big Data over 200 contributors. In this article, Apache Spark Developers are sharing different use cases of this popular platform with you.

Incubator Module: Changing the Way We Work With Java

What if we had a way of testing APIs before they were released? We are not talking of tests by in-house developers who could be blind to actual faults that the average user finds daunting. What if we had a way of getting users to test it before standardizing it? Oracle has promised us pretty much the same for some time now.

SAP vs.Oracle vs. Microsoft Dynamics

Each of the three ERP systems has their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and tradeoffs. Although the three are separated by their individual niches and market share, their roadmap, plans, and strategies for the future can very well affect their standing in the market.

Top Apache Spark FAQs Answered

While you may have acquired a working knowledge of the field of Apache Spark, these frequently asked questions in interviews of MNCs and start-ups will prepare you for the first step towards a great career in Big Data technology.

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