Project Helios performance and resource consumption

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You Are @ >> Home >> Articles >> Project Helios performance and resource consumption project ‘Helios’ is based on the modern ‘pay-for-play’ style design. The framework does not support any magic behaviour, it instead provide the developer a complete control over the application. The Helios model is alike Katana project. If the application is unbind and does not use the desire feature, it will remain unaffected in terms of behaviour and the performance characteristics.

Around 2x-3x throughput for “Hello world” is achieved by the Helios runtime when compared to the system. Caches are able to handle such requests at best level as compared to web server. The throughput remains constant as developer code is able to control real-world applications despite of underlying framework. The most valuable part is considering resources like memory available in the system, where the framework tends to appear in profiles. While testing Helios, it consumed 96% less pre-request memory as compared to the system web runtime.

When the developers make discussion of a performance, they start thinking on the basis of requests per second (RPS) throughput. It’s a rule of thumb that says- the lower you go in the heap, the rawer throughput you will get. An application will always surpass a top-level framework like ASP.NET when it come to “hello world” by opening the raw socket for listening and processing web requests. This is something we called uniformity. But, let’s not lie, there is no such simple “hello world” web application. One can achieve his aim of getting connected with huge number of visitors in less time with the help of web cache rather than a web server.

The real web applications are able to perform non-trivial requests. They use databases and file systems and make calls to the support services. If you are a user of ASP.NET or a developer, you would not have faced any trouble during the runtime speed as compared to other hosts.

Memory consumption of system.web and Helios

To make a comparison of memory consumption between system.web based apps and Helios based applications, you may required a reference application based on OWIN. The OWIN is a perfect candidate for comparing and also, allow the user to leave the app code as it is, hence, the only change will occur in the runtime. This new Helios design allows the user to experience new functionality fully and excludes unwanted behaviour that sometimes surprises the developers. You can still consider it as an option. No strict rules have been declared regarding setting this system for your developer.

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