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All about .Net Computing and .Net Developers India

When we think about the computer technology giant, the only name which strikes is Microsoft. The promising developments till date and the future offerings are something which gains the trust of the people.

Depending Factors Of The .NET Software Development

.NET framework is developed by Microsoft. This is a software framework run or used on the Microsoft windows for the primarily. There are various many frameworks and it provides language interoperability or run by the coded languages.

India Is A Hub Of Outsourcing Java Development Services

Java, a popular software development platform that is prominent in building independent or secured applications is the most reliable and extremely dominant software development application that has ruled the software platform for years now.

Developers Are Linking Java and Javascript For Web Development With Jhipster

Java developers now have the JHipster app generator to link their JavaScript and Java development skills on same web based applications. This open source product offers tools of technologies comprising Angular.JS JavaScript framework, Yeoman scaffolding tool, and Spring Java framework.

Powerful programming modules and robust software development technologies

Most businesses today, to up-thrust their growth trajectory, leverage powerful programming modules and robust software development technologies like software development frameworks.

Developers now can use OpenXava 5.1 for rapid Java development

In this article, Aegis professionals will share information about OpenXava 5.1 release and explain its benefits to help Java community and global users and inform them about this update.

How to eliminate risk of failure for Microsoft dynamics CRM?

Aegis professionals will explain major tips to save companies from heavy losses by eliminating risk of failure for CRM. This article will help all CRM users and developers to understand its functionalities and limitations in better way.

Java Development Techniques Of Injecting Code Into Running JVM

Java Development can bring forth many issues and aspects at times of advanced coding for running JVM. In this blog, weare going to discuss techniques of injecting codes into running JVM through Java instrumentation and attaching instrumentation agent.

Oracle shares new features of upcoming Java EE8 and introduces enhancements to GlassFish Server Open Source Edition

Aegis Software is a leading Java developmentSince the Spring Wave, the option Company working on the platform since its inception. We regularly train our staff for latest Java versions and updates. Aegis Software team is sharing this update with global Java community and users worldwide.

Integration of MS Social listening with Dynamics CRM

Since the Spring Wave, the option for Microsoft Social listening integration is available in CRM online, however, all these features are accessible by on-premises clients.

New MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 21

Introducing latest hot-fixes and updates comprised by this update rollup With this post, Aegis software team wants to share latest updates introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, so that the entire MS CRM community and users across the world can understand about new hot-fixes and features included in this update rollup 21.

Major enhancements in Java 9 grabbing attention of developers

Let’s discuss some real reasons behind their excitement If you are a java developer, then Aegis professionals have something special to share about Java 9 updates. With recent enhancements, the entire java community and the developers have started expecting more features in the planned upgrade.

SQL Server 2014 releases for BI developers for proven in-memory technology with no costly add-ons

This post is about new version releases of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA); it’s a tool that assists clients in migrate their oracle databases to SQL server 2014. Aegis Software team of BI developers from India is sharing this information with entire community and users of Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence).

Become Smarter by using business intelligence software- Solutions for business facility

Business Intelligence Solutions offer core insight of businesses to drive better results. BI solutions are used for analyzing, reporting and visualizing the data and help you in streamlining the present, future, and past data for developing smarter facility.

Stop worrying! Java ensures extended Windows XP support

The news about ending XP support by Oracle created tension among Windows XP users. However, it is now clear that Windows XP users can enjoy Java 7 support for an extended duration. In this article, Aegis professionals will share some information on this topic with Java development community and java developers across the globe.

SQL Server 2014 and Power BI for Office 365

After reading the title, first question that strikes to your mind is how SQL Server 2014 and Power BI are connected? Power BI is a cloud based service leverages business intelligence and data analytics capabilities of SQL server for data visualization and quick data navigation.

Magento development and Outsourcing is on Top for E-commerce

Aegis Magento development team based in India is sharing this post to make the Magento developers and worldwide community aware about the demand of Magento outsourcing services for E-commerce website development. In this post we will discuss how Magento CE authenticates its leading position.

How to create WebAPI using Attributerouting for Custom URL

In this blog, Aegis Software developers will help .NET developers and development community to create WebAPI step-by-step using Attributerouting for custom URL. This post will make them more proficient in development of WebAPI and saves their time.

Java Developers Design Kaazing Enterprise Shield for IoT

Aegis Software (India based IT company) team is sharing this post with Java development community and developers all over the world. This post is about Kaazing Gateway 4.0 Java Message Service edition that offers security and Java/JMS API-friendly competences to help software developers in deploying interactive web and mobile apps.

New versions of JNBridge to support Java 8 are now available for developers

JNBridge, the prominent supplier of interoperability tools to link Java and .Net systems, has announced the latest editions of its three products to support Java 8 (that developers and programmers can use for development purposes).

Benefits of hosting your Java EE app with auto-scaling

Auto-scaling refers to OpenShift platform where you can horizontally scale your Java EE application (up or down) relying on the number of concurrent connections. OpenShift platform supports the JBoss app server (a certified platform for Java EE 6 development).

Steps for obtaining setup updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This information is shared by Aegis CRM development team for MS CRM users across the world. Aegis Software has qualified developers who are delivering comprehensive CRM development services.

Find all parents and children using SQL query and Common Table Expression

Today I am going to explain how to get all parents and children of a particular record using SQL query and Common Table Expression. At beginning this seems to be much complex to develop but the use of Common Table Extension (CTE) and recursion call in SQL makes it too easier for you.

Project Helios performance and resource consumption project ‘Helios’ is based on the modern ‘pay-for-play’ style design. The framework does not support any magic behaviour, it instead provide the developer a complete control over the application. The Helios model is alike Katana project.

Getting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Does Make a Lot of Sense

You need any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software today if you want to pay attention to the customer service. CRM software is having the capability of helping you managing your relationships as well as make sure that you raise your revenue through providing customers they wish.

How Effective CRM is as Development Tool?

Previously the sales management is judged on the achievements of pre-defined sales, market growth, revenue, margin attainment, and quota though all these elements are important and never stop being a fundamental verdict for the success of sale’s management, a complete Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is aimed at the productivity of sales force.

Java Development through Proposed Revisions to the Java Memory Model

Looking at constrains, problems and accidental consequences, not being addressed by the JDK5, open source Java supporters have shown an interest in modernizing the Java memory model, which is formally un-updated since past nine years.

Trigger the workflow

The report introduces an architectural framework for the topic - “how to trigger the workflow using java script in Microsoft Dynamics CRM”.

Multitenant JVM in IBM’s Java 8 beta for Beneficial Java Development

Cloud system fasten application processing and reduces memory usage by running multiple applications together within a single multitenant JVM. According to cloud providers, there are two popular multitenant architectures – shared or no shared multitenant architectures.

Enterprise ready Big Data Solution for Your Business

The advantage of using big data solutions is dependability, speed and user friendly structure. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of Hadoop and NoSQL enterprise ready big data solution for your business.

Popular Red Flags or “Circumstantial” instances in Java Development

Red flags are not incorrect or wrong during Java development but they can create potential problems with powerful Java applications. In this blog, we will discuss some popular red flags commonly used by Java developers during code development.

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