Stop worrying! Java support Extended on Windows XP

The news about ending XP support by Oracle created tension among Windows XP users. However, it is now clear that Windows XP users can enjoy Java 7 support for an extended duration. In this article, Aegis professionals will share some information on this topic with Java development community and java developers across the globe.

We all are aware of the Microsoft that has ended its Windows XP support this year in April. Remarking the news of withdrawing Windows XP support as faux report, Oracle ensures the Java support for Windows XP. There are 113 new security patches released by the company Oracle in its quarterly ‘Critical Patch Update’ that influence the vast range of products comprising enterprise level Java development software – GlassFish Server, WebLogic Server, Fusion Middleware, etc.

Java developers need not to worry about support as all the Java versions that were prior supported will continue to perform on Windows XP. Java 7 development software used on Windows XP will continue to get security updates. Also, the JDK 7 (Java Development Kit) used for developing Java software will work and install on XP through April 2015.

Java Development Services Kit 8 software can’t be installed automatically on the platform. However, developers can install it manually. Java developers working on Windows XP will be unable to use Java 8 platform for java development purposes.

The reason why Oracle can’t ensures comprehensive Java support on Windows XP is the withdrawn support from Microsoft for XP version on April 8, 2014. It is no longer releases updates or security patches for the Windows XP operating system, which creates problems for Java developers who are still using this version. There are other third-party Java development software companies aim to provide support for their products, for example – web browsers Google Chrome, WhiteHat Aviator, and Mozilla Firefox, on Windows XP.

In short, users have an extended duration for using Java 7 on Windows XP. After April, 2015, Oracle will officially retire Java 7 and developers will not be able to use it.

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