New versions of JNBridge to support Java 8 now available for developers

JNBridge, the prominent supplier of interoperability tools to link Java and .Net systems, has announced the latest editions of its three products to support Java 8 (that developers and programmers can use for development purposes). Presently accessible, JNBridgePro v7.2 abd v3.2 of the JMS Adaprors for .Net and Biztalk all empower consistent similarity with Java 8, guaranteeing diminished development expenditure and speedier time to market.

Utilized crosswise over numerous verticals by a percentage of the world’s most perceived brands, JNBridge unravels the complications of cross-platform interoperability. JNBridge conveys transparent similarity between anything .Net and anything Java, significantly lessening endless hours and budget squandered on interoperability issues. JNBridgePro additionally offers Java developers a full access to any API, whether administrations empowered or not, and uncovered any Java or .Net binary without source code requirement. Moreover, JNBridge is hundreds to many times speedier than web administrations.

The most recent version of JNBridgPro expands upon these foundational characteristics and usefulness with new backing for Java 8 for developers. Furthermore, JNBridgePro v7.2 offers:

  • Considerable execution changes in requisitions that make numerous cases, giving Big Data support and other modern-scale applications.
  • Capability to interpret new Java characteristics for ASP.NET Development and programmers, while in the meantime leaving substitutes focused on Java 5, 6, and 7 unaltered with the goal that developers on prior Java versions can move up to JNBridgePro v7.2 without needing to roll out any improvements to their codes.

JMS Adapters’ version 3.2 for .NET and Biztalk stretches out JNBridge’s mission to create Java and .NET interoperability an actuality. Simple to utilize, speedy to execute and good compatibility with any JMS (Java Message Service) server, the adapters empower consistent integration of JMS abilities into Microsoft.NET applications and with Microsoft Biztalk Server. JNBridge’s JMS Adapters support Java 8 and provide few additional characteristics for IT:

  • Updated for utilization with the most recent JNBridgePro parts
  • Advancements to aid in the analysis of issues that may be experienced in utilizing the adaptors, for example, setup and execution issues.

More Java developers, especially from India are accepting these latest versions of JNBridge to develop advanced applications for their clients. JNBridgePro v7.2 and v3.2 make .NET and Java interoperability headache-free for developers.

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