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Client Speaks - Testimonials for Aegis Software

The magic of big data

Big data is an umbrella term for giant data sets that run-of-the-mill, traditional softwares are unable to process. Going ahead, big data is expected to power business analytics for companies of all sizes and help them offer unique and innovative services.

As an experienced big data company in India, with a view to constantly ushering in newer IT infrastructure and tools, and a proven track record in BI deployment, Aegis is perfectly positioned to get the maximum out of your data.

Where does Aegis fit into all this you ask? As a big data analytics solutions company, we create, from scratch, Hadoop-based big data solutions in India and across the world.

Our engineers in collaboration with some of the best minds, are involved in creating Hadoop solutions for our clientele.

The big data edge

‘Big data edge’ is our end-to-end big data analytics solutions package that is built on the back of our innovation and performance-driven culture, and tangible numbers that proudly narrate our success story.

  • We have a highly experienced team of 25 senior Hadoop developers - big data analytics solutions experts is what we like to call them.
  • Our developers have worked on several long-term development projects and provide full-time support to our clients across the globe.
  • What’s more is that our developers are expert coders, with around a decade of experience on projects other than those centered around big data.
  • They build core solutions that are are flexible, offer reduced TCOs, and drastically cut costs.

The Aegis solution

Our big data analytics solutions are Hadoop cluster-based along with distributed computational systems that enable you to get faster access to available data.

Our solutions, as a big data company in India, are based on three intricate layers:

  • The first layer is the big data layer which is essentially an engine that processes vast amounts of data in diverse formats.
  • The second layer houses the analytics engine which holds the libraries that have high-level data analysis functions and data mining packages.
  • Finally, the third layer is the smart consulting layer which contains the high-level frameworks and best practices.

That’s not all. We also offer services that span:

  • Business intelligence which gives organizations the advantage of deriving and sharing insights at a much faster rate compared to competition.
  • Data management capabilities that lets you securely store data.

Interested to know more about big data?

Contact us at info@aegissoftwares.com, will be glad to help.