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Client Speaks - Testimonials for Aegis Software

Aegis Software Company has been making its presence felt in the Indian and global IT industry for the past 15 years. We have seen emergence of big data technologies like Hadoop, Apache Spark, Hortonworks, etc. and have grown learning and working with them.

Apache Spark has been a revolutionary breakthrough in the big data technologies. And, to make the most of this big data platform, you need to liaison with Aegis. While Apache Spark is your driving force, Aegis will give you the required velocity.

Grow Smarter with Aegis

Aegis houses veteran Apache Spark developers who are active members of the Spark community and passionate about big data. Our developers are:

  • Proficient in languages like Scala and Java, along with Maven, SBT, etc.
  • Experienced in big data technologies like HBase, Hadoop, Hive, etc.
  • Specialists in architecting solutions for cloud-based services.
  • Well-versed in RESTful and related services.
  • Experts in technologies like Oozie, Python, Pig, Impala, Presto, etc.

Grow Unlimited with Spark and Aegis

Associating with Aegis helps you leverage the benefits of Apache Spark to the fullest. We hire and train Apache Spark developers to work for clients as per the requirement. This includes working as a team member or as an individual with ownership of the output.

Aegis has successfully completed Apache Spark based project for domestic and international clients. It takes pride in being a trustworthy big data solutions partner to the clients and has worked consistently to keep clients at par with the growing advances in the field. The Apache Spark team of Aegis is always on its toes to learn what’s new and keep the clients informed about what can benefit them.

To hire our Apache Spark developers or for any concerns or queries regarding our Apache Spark services, contact us at info@aegissoftwares.com.