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Big Data Analytics Solutions & Services

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Big Data Analytics Solutions

Businesses deal with data on a daily basis, no matter whether they realize it or not. From the financial information to the number of customers they’ve acquired, every single piece of data means something.

A business that has a huge amount of data doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ahead of others. What matters the most is the way a business leverages the data to its benefit. This is when big data analytics solutions play a huge role.

Our customized big data services help companies understand how their business is running, find the scope of improvement and accelerate the growth. Our big data consulting sessions will provide a leg up in the competition in a market with huge potential and derive insights from data to support crucial business decisions.

Why Do You Need Big Data Analytics Services?

There is an unlimited number of benefits when it comes to big data analytics services. From competitor research to R&D product development, the applications are vast and distributed. Among the various such essential usages of big data, here are a few that most businesses require.

  • Quicker Decision Making Process With instant data processing and analytics displayed within a second, companies can now make faster decisions supported by facts and not just by intuition. Coupling the benefits of big data analytics services with experience, you can ensure that your decisions are closer to success than ever.
  • Understand Customer Needs Let’s face it. The needs of the customers a few years back are different from what they are now. And only those businesses that can adapt quickly to the changing customer needs can survive in this world. With big data analytics solutions, you can gauge your customer expectations from the responses and devise your products accordingly.
  • Identify Opportunities We can call it opportunities or gaps in the market. As an evolving company, you need to keep your eyes peeled open for any new opportunity to improve your business and get ahead of the competitors. And big data does a wonderful job of analyzing and identifying such chances of growth.
  • Reduce Costs By costs, we don’t just mean the operational costs. You can set an optimal cost for your product, reduce your logistics costs, procurement costs and any other expenditure that’s cutting into your revenue. By monitoring your expenses, you can identify the areas that can be optimized with better efficiency and less cost to the company.

How Do We Setup a Big Data System?

The big data infrastructure is totally depending on your expectations from data analysis. Based on your big data services system’s purpose, we help design and create a complete setup right from data collection to analytics and visualization.

Come Up with the Big Data Strategy

  • Create an overview of how the big data system is going to be.
  • Decide and improvise how the data is collected, transformed, stored, managed and analyzed.
  • Match the big data strategy and implementation with the organization’s goals.
  • Include the company’s future vision to decide the big data services infrastructure.

Decide the Data Sources

  • Pick and choose from the different data sources available to the business.
  • Choose from social media data, company data, public data or device streaming data.
  • Help to identify newer data sources based on the business needs.

Choose the Right Big Data Tools

  • Analyze the business needs, scalability and plans to suggest the best tools at every stage.
  • Check for the compatibility of the tools and their features based on the useability needs.
  • Provide various integration options with the warehouses and data lakes for a cohesive system.

Create Smart Data Pipelines

  • Based on the final expected output, create various stages of data processing.
  • Automate the data pipelines right from collection and management to transformation and analytics.
  • Create mini pipelines with integrated tools to simplify data analysis and visualization.
  • Include smart tools for seamless transfer of data across the data pipelines.

Design and Collate a User-Friendly Dashboard

  • Create a quick-to-use dashboard that becomes the one-stop option for data management.
  • Provide a comprehensive view of the data activities and easy control right from the dashboard.
  • Allow customization of dashboard based on the individual preferences.
  • Enable quick view of important metrics and data operations right from the dashboard.

Our Big Data Services

We provide a wide range of big data services customized to individual business, vision, and industry conditions. You can reach out to our data experts to get the due guidance on the right choice of services to make maximum use of our data.

Big Data Consulting

We assist our clients in making the right choices for data processing, collection, analytics and everything related to big data consulting as a whole.

Data Warehousing

We consult and help in building big data lakes and cloud data warehouses integrated with multiple workflows.

Big Data Infrastructure

We help develop and deploy the big data infrastructure by scaling the current systems to meet your future requirements.

Big Data Management

We guide you to make smart business decisions with proper management of the data collected from multiple sources to provide information at the right time.

Big Data Analytics Services

We create various analytics systems and algorithms to help your in-house data specialists analyze and gather useful insights.

Data Migration

We migrate legacy systems to modern big data infrastructure for massive computational needs.

Big Data Visualization

From real-time graphs to customizable illustrations, we integrate your big data system with visualization tools that simplifies the analysis.

Big Data Maintenance

The entire big data system has to be regularly monitored with regular maintenance checks to make sure that the performance never drops down.

Our Big Data Expertise

    Data Warehouse/Storage
  • Hive
  • GCP Big query
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS S3
    Data Analytics
  • HDInsight
  • Azure Synapse
  • Data Bricks cluster
    Real-Time Analytics
  • Kafka Stream
  • Spark Stream
  • Kinesis
  • Tableau
  • Pentaho
  • Power BI
    Data Integration
  • Azure Data Factory
  • AWS Glue
  • Cloud Composer
  • GCP Data Proc
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