Machine Learning Developers

A Deep Dive Into Machine Learning Developers

Every company collects massive amounts of data, but the process of making sense of that data is still a big challenge.

When you consider the number of data points collected through smart devices, sensors and facial recognition, it becomes pretty clear why this is such a huge puzzle to figure out.

The main problem here is that most people don't have the time or resources to sift through all of the data they're collecting. This is where machine learning comes into play.


With the expertise of machine learning programmers in advanced machine learning techniques, we can help you resolve complex machine learning problems. For example, we have expertise in building state-of-the-art neural networks that can be used for speech recognition, image recognition and text analysis. We also have experience using machine learning to predict and analyze stock market trends, user interests, disease detection and much more.

So if you have a specific problem in your business or want to improve your overall performance, hire our machine learning developer to find you that optimal solution.


A Few Use Cases Our Machine Learning Developers Have Worked On

Machine learning has thousands of applications in various industries and our developers have worked on several important cornerstone projects for many global companies. Here are a few of the projects we worked on:

Recommendation Systems

Recommendation systems use machine learning algorithms to recommend products to users based on their previous interests, purchases and activity. We build recommendation systems for more than just e-commerce, like a movie recommendation system that could suggest movies based on the user’s history.

  • Collaborative Filtering
  • Content-Based Recommendation
  • Machine Learning Classification
  • Personalized Search
Recommendation Systems
Medical Analysis

Medical Analysis

Our machine learning developers have worked on several projects in the field of medicine — from the analysis of medical records to help predict various diseases. Machine learning systems can also predict treatment outcomes by analyzing medical images, such as scans of tumors.

  • Disease Prediction
  • Relevant Diagnosis
  • Treatment Monitoring
  • Drug Discovery & Development based on Genetic Analysis

Social Media Mining

Mining social media is another application of machine learning that has garnered significant attention in recent years. Our machine learning developers have developed models that can collect social media data and run analysis and garner the behavior and responses of your target audience.

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Opinion Mining
  • Personality Analysis
  • Collective Intelligence
Social Media Mining
Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

We create machine learning algorithms to stop fraudulent transactions before they occur. It’s also very important in detecting fraud after it happens and helping you minimize losses from theft and take remedial measures.

  • Credit Card Fraud Detection
  • Telephony Fraud Detection
  • eCommerce Fraud Detection
  • Document Fraud Detection

Sale & Marketing Optimization

Machine learning is also used by companies in sales and marketing for predictive analysis, product recommendation and forecasting The future consumer behavior. Our machine learning developers have worked on numerous projects improving sales and marketing software with machine learning algos.

  • Content-Based Image/Video/Text Recommendation
  • Collaborative Filtering
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Customer Segmentation
Sale & Marketing Optimization
Financial Forecasts

Financial Forecasts

A machine learning model can predict future values from historical financial data (includes time series prediction). We devise highly secure systems with algorithms that can forecast future financial conditions and prepare for them now.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Trading Prediction
  • Risk Management
  • Insurance Underwriting

Our Approach to Developing Machine Learning Models

A major part of our work is designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions to business problems using various machine learning techniques. Our machine learning programmers tackle complex problems with creative approaches and new technologies, working closely with clients to turn machine learning ideas into reality.

We analyze data from various sources (web, mobile devices, or sensors), extract patterns and develop models that can be applied later on a larger scale. When you hire our machine learning developer, these are the major steps we go through to develop accurate ML models:

Problem Definition

This includes defining what we want the model to do, how accurate we need it to be and any constraints such as time required or resources available. The process of defining the problem often involves generating or obtaining training data used by the machine learning algorithms.

Data Preparation

This step may involve some preliminary investigation into what kind of information is available, how it can be accessed and prepared for analysis. At this stage, any missing data may also have to be identified and obtained from elsewhere.

Model Training

Our machine learning developers create a model capable of training data to make good predictions. It is possible to evaluate the quality of a model developed by machine learning algorithms by building test sets and testing the accuracy of the predictions made by the model on the test set.

Application in Real-Time

After the training phase, we test the model with real-time data and compare it with a set of defined outputs. Based on the performance, we can use it for inference – taking samples from new data sets and making predictions about them.


The Expertise of Our Machine Learning Programmers

We have a team of highly trained and experienced machine learning developers who have worked with top companies across industries to deliver effective solutions. Our team expertise and capabilities have helped companies solve various machine learning challenges like categorizing customer products, detecting fraud and understanding what posts perform better on social media.

Our machine learning programmers have the following skills:

ML Expertise
  • Working experience in the field of data science for over 12 years
  • Experience developing ML systems using modern techniques and tools like Python, R,, Spark/Scala, Scala, Scikit-Learn, Tensor Flow/Keras/PyTorch, Rattle, KNIME/Weka
  • Excellent knowledge of statistical methods and data analysis
  • Understanding of how to optimize algorithms for performance and cost
  • Experience in applying machine learning to business problems in a variety of domains
  • Specializing in Support Vector Machines (SVM), Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD), conjugate gradient method (CG) and other optimization techniques
  • Knowledge of best practice in AI software development and coding standards
  • Adherence to the highest standards of data compliance
  • Experts in various fields of data analysis

Hire our machine learning developer now to explore how we can help you scale your business.