Azure Development Services

After the introduction of cloud computing in recent years, thousands of organizations have been moving their data to the cloud. That’s because cloud infrastructure has several benefits to offer – lower cost, scalability, flexibility and security. All these benefits make Microsoft Azure the best option for hosting your business applications.

Azure is a cloud platform, which allows you to create, deploy and manage applications using a broad set of technologies. It’s also a place where businesses can store their data and it’s available through the internet.


Our professional team of skilled developers can develop your organization’s unique solutions that perfectly fit your needs. We provide a wide range of Microsoft Azure development services designed to help you create innovative applications within a secure environment.

Our Microsoft Azure development company can help you plan an application migration to Azure, design your application architecture using micro services or containers, launch new development initiatives or work with you to update existing applications. Connect with our Azure development consulting experts to get guidance on working with this platform.

Secure Development with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Platform enables organizations to deliver innovative solutions that meet changing business needs. The platform comprises a unique combination of computing, network, storage, database and management services that form an integrated stack. These services work together in the cloud to enable scalability and flexibility.

You can focus on building your business knowing that Microsoft Azure is keeping your business up and running with high security:

Microsoft Azure
  • Customized firewall rules that can be used to grant or deny specific types of network traffic helps to secure the data that is stored in Azure.
  • Configuration options for Hyper-V Virtual Machines (VMs) so they can be deployed in dedicated or shared roles, which helps ensure proper isolation between applications and VMs.
  • Storage account keys that can be used to store encryption keys for relational database services, which ensures that only authorized users can access stored data.
  • Multiple layers of security, including physical protection, identity protection, data protection and management, operations, monitoring and response planning.
  • Security measures for advanced threat protection, compliance and data loss prevention capabilities.

Our Azure Cloud Solutions

Azure Cloud Solutions are set of cloud-based tools that helps to make life easy for developers, testers, managers and everyone across organizations. The comprehensive features offered by Azure make it possible for you to develop, release, maintain and manage your applications whenever you need to.

As a Microsoft Partner, we offer various Azure development services for infrastructure, architecture, design, planning and support. We offer a wide range of Microsoft Azure development services to deal with multiple challenges. We have an experienced and highly qualified team of professionals who can deliver scalable, secure and reliable cloud solutions.

Our Azure cloud development services include:

Azure Development Consulting Solutions

We provide expert consultation on Azure infrastructure and architecture that deliver high availability using redundancy-based storage options or geo-clustering or any other business requirement you have. We also help design recovery plans for your

Azure Design Services

We design the solution architecture and tailored for your business needs and work closely with you to ensure that we understand your business objectives and build solutions that meet those with our final design.

Azure Infrastructure Services

We help you deploy and manage virtual machines on any resource pool on Azure Cloud Solutions. We can help you create, configure, maintain and document VMs with different configurations for the applications hosted on the platform.

Azure Architecture Services

Our architects will review your existing architecture with business requirements and devise an integrated solution with the right tools like Enterprise Mobility Suite, Active Directory, SharePoint, etc. and integrate seamlessly into your existing environment.

Microsoft Azure Managed Services

We offer various Microsoft Azure managed services for handling systematic upgrades, improvements in the Azure architecture, or including new Azure services.

Migration to Azure

We can help you plan for application migration from any platform to Azure without any downtime or errors caused due to changes in the technology platform.

Azure Development Services

We help you develop high-quality and scalable cloud applications which can be hosted on any platform with Azure. We assist in the design and implementation of your application using the latest technologies. We also guide how to update your applications and move to the newest technology and features.


Why Work with Our Microsoft Azure Development Company?

We have been providing reliable and high-quality Azure cloud development services since 2008 and have been helping organizations from different industries to fulfill any challenging project requirements.

We offer state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure managed services that help our clients in developing and managing business applications and services on the cloud. Our team members have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the industry and have worked on several complex projects for clients worldwide.

Microsoft Azure
  • We provide our clients with holistic solutions that include consultancy, adoption, and training to leverage their investments wisely.
  • We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and deliver innovative IT solutions that enable them to achieve business transformation at a pace while also reducing costs.
  • We use the industry best practices in developing, delivering and maintaining your projects in the Azure environment.
  • Our solutions support both traditional and emerging technologies like cloud computing, virtualization, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, etc.
  • We are skilled professionals with extensive experience delivering on-premise solutions using the most advanced technologies across multiple platforms, including NodeJS web development .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • We handle various storage and database services, including SQL Database, DB for SAP HANA, Table storage, etc.
  • We have expertise in various Azure products like Azure App Service, Azure Web Apps, Azure SQL Database, Azure DocumentDB, Azure Mobile Services, Azure AD & Azure AD Connect, Azure HDInsight and a lot more.
  • Our Microsoft Azure development company offers a range of flexible engagement models, including traditional project-based work, time and material engagements and any other custom model to meet your specific needs.