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Client Speaks - Testimonials for Aegis Software

We at Aegis Softwares pump up your business with data science techniques that are powered by the combined force of Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, and Big Data. Apache Spark is an open source in-memory data processing engine that helps in efficiently streaming data, executing Machine Learning and SQL workloads and other applications that benefit from a quick interactive access to the database.

Fast data-processing capabilities and ease-of-development have made Apache Spark a winner for Big Data computations.

Apache Spark holds the world record for sorting 100TB of data, for which it took 207 machines and 23 minutes of time, while Hadoop MapReduce exploited 2100 machines and completed the task in 72 minutes.

Best Apache Spark Development Company

We at Aegis Softwares have an experienced team of professionals which has juggled for a while now with the various technologies in Hadoop Ecosystem like-

Spark Development India
  • HDFS for data storage
  • Map Reduce for data processing
  • Hive for data summarization, query, and analysis
  • Flume for streaming logs effectively into HDFS
  • Sqoop for data transfer between Hadoop and traditional databases
  • Oozie for Workflow scheduling to manage Hadoop jobs

To speed up the Big Data adoption and for yet more effective data processing, our team of experts are well-versed with Apache Spark development nitty-gritty.

Apache Spark Development Benefits

  • Its comprehensive and unified framework helps it to handle a diverse dataset that comes from various sources efficiently.
  • Spark gives you the advantage of a marvelous processing speed of 100 times when working in Hadoop clusters and 10 times when working on device disk.
  • Apache Spark aids developers the most in that it becomes easy to write applications in languages like Java, Scala, and Python. It won't be long before R is added to this list of languages.
  • Data analytics and processing applications are the best when built over Apache Spark owing to its built-in tools for interactive querying of data.
  • Apache Spark backs upon many other data-processing aspects like SQL querying, data streaming, machine learning, and graph data processing.
  • Apache Spark integrates well with Hadoop and can also run as a standalone.

The differentiating factors of Aegis Softwares

We are the most trusted and reliable Spark Development company, and we have been able to do this with our consistent and persistent efforts towards improving our services with each passing day.

  • A robust team of data scientists, data engineers, and application developers who know technologies in-and-out.
  • A wealth of experience in delivering the finest software solutions to onshore and offshore clients who beam with satisfaction.
  • Our commitment to quality standards pushes us to better ourselves and make us touch perfection with every service and product.
  • Our dedication towards our work makes us a preferred in the industry for all development and consultancy services.
  • We do not haggle for pennies and value your money. We stick to the budget and don't push you for more.
  • We deliver on time and with excellence.

Choose Aegis Softwares as your Big Data Processing partner and Apache Spark Development Company, and you will never face a glitch in your data management aspects. Let's join hands and help you grow!