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Client Speaks - Testimonials for Aegis Software

When your organization deals with managing large amounts of data, then Apache Spark is the right platform. Apache Spark is best for large scale data processing and for conducting real-time analytics. It also helps to ramp up your business intelligence through its many sets of libraries and functions.

Aegis is one of the few companies in India who provides comprehensive Apache Spark services. Our services start with Apache Spark implementation and consultation to maintenance. If you are having any trouble with working with the Spark platform or want to customize according to the results and applications, then our Apache Spark solutions can help you to map a roadmap and use the data effectively.

Why Choose Apache Spark for Your Data Analytics?

While many data scientists have been boasting about how Spark has been beneficial with the business ventures, it doesn’t just stop at that. Apache Spark is one step ahead of the other similar data management and analytics software, making it easier for the employees to use and access the data.


Advanced Analytics Made Easier

Many companies have started using basic analytics for their day to day operations. However, if you want to want to make a difference to your organization by leveraging the data, then it is vital to make some investments in advanced analytics. Apache Spark is one of the few platforms which offers tools and libraries that can also perform advanced analytics on the collected data.

Ease of Use

If you want your employees to start using a data analytics platform right out of the box, then Apache Spark is the best option. Spark is very easy to use even to those who are new to the data handling and the analytics. What’s best is that people can start trying their hand at advanced analytics right away as it is a very intuitive platform.

Easy Integration

Most of the companies store and process the data through Hadoop and by integrating it with Apache Spark, you can easily access the data from Hadoop seamlessly without, any excess power or storage consumption. Apache Spark integration is possible with the other Apache and Hadoop platforms, which makes it all the more simple, and efficient with the analysis.

Flexible Platform

Apache Spark is highly flexible in all aspects – in the devices and operating systems it can use from, in the languages it can use and with, the Apache Spark integrations. Spark has APIs across many languages like Python, R, and Java though it writes in Scala.

Achieve Data Intelligence with Our Apache Spark Solutions

While companies are working towards achieving business intelligence, you cannot accomplish that alone with the help of the data. We understand that data analysis has become a fundamental step for each type of development, and therefore, we help make it your organization's backbone.

Apache Spark Development We provide various Data Solutions with Apache Spark, which can make a big difference in the company when it is associated with your normal data functions.

Data Pipeline and Streamlined Data Processing

With our Spark implementation techniques, you can access data from multiple sources like sensors applications from different devices and platforms, combine them for analytics and create an automated pipeline that takes care of the normal data operations. We help in reducing as much as possible on your side by streamlining most of the data applications that don’t require manual intervention.

Machine Learning Applications

Machine learning is becoming a crucial part of the big data world and if you are considering to add its benefits too with, your data analytics, we can create customized plans and build a model that best represents your intentions. We can make use of the machine learning library in Apache Spark and create an algorithm that works quickly and effectively with your other data processes.

Real-Time Data Analysis

There are some insights which are of no use after its time runs out. When such data insights have time constraints, we create a customized plan to create a platform that works infinitely fast and delivers you the proper insights at the right time. With this Apache Spark service, we can create a data process that gathers the real-time data from social media, search engines, and other applications, run a quick analysis on it and brings you the solutions at an incredible speed.

User Profiling

Our Apache Spark implementation service also includes user profiling where we take stock of the applications that the data insights will use for, your business needs, the data sources and the future data plans of your organization. We leverage the potential of the Apache Spark platform to help with future data plans.

Many of our clients are using our Apache Spark services for quick data insights, and we can do the same for you. If you want to know more details about Apache Spark implementation or interested in any of our Apache Spark services, write to us. Please send us a mail with your requirements to and one of our experts will contact you right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

While data scientists may or may not be good at programming, SQL is something they all are aware. A shark is a tool that helps programmers access Scala MLib capabilities through something very similar to a Hive-like interface. Shark helps run Hive on Spark.

  • Parallelized collection
  • Loading an external dataset (probably a .txt datafile)
  • Transforming an existing RDD

Yes, you definitely can. Transforming an existing RDD is a way to create new RDDs out of existing ones.

A classic example would be the Twitter Sentiment analysis. Sentiment refers to mining data related to the emotions of a tweet or social media post. Sentiment analysis is used to tailor campaigns, crisis management, and other similar public-facing activities and interactions. Spark streaming refers to streaming live data. In this case, it can be used to collect live tweets from all over the world. Thereafter, Spark SQL can be used to filter the data, Mlib can be used to learn from emotions, and all of these elements can be combined to fine-tune products and campaigns.

Spark SQL is a component of the Spark engine. It allows one to use Hive queries, join SQL and HQL tables. In the end, they’re all databases.

SchemaRDD or Schema resilient distributed datasets are essentially rows of objects with schema information about the data type of the columns. SchemaRDD provides additional relational queries than can be realized using Spark SQL. At present, it renamed to DataFrame API on Spark’s trunk. Code debugging and unit testing has become much easier for programmers, thanks to Schema RDD.

Spark is intelligent. When we ask it to do something, it remembers, takes note and never forgets. However, it does not execute the task until its results are required. For example, if you command Spark to perform transformations on an RDD, Spark does not do so until you ask for the final result to be displayed. It saves a lot of time and resources!

Akka used for scheduling in Spark. In Spark, there is a master and workers. While master assigns tasks, workers wait for a job to assign to them. Akka is the link between the master and the workers.

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