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If large-scale data handling is just what your business needs, you're at the right place. Apache Spark lets you iterate over huge chunks of data in no time and with phenomenal efficiency. With a great API, Apache Spark allows a rapid processing of data through Machine Learning and other techniques that require a cyclic flow of data or in-memory computing.

Apache Spark Technicalities

The highly skilled team at Aegis Software helps you get to the core of any technology, takes care of all your requirements, and delivers the best solutions.

Apache Spark Implementation essentially consists of juggling with the following-

  • Spark Streaming: This is Apache Spark's most used component. Its user base consists of the giant players like Uber, Netflix, and Pinterest. Companies are collecting more data than ever and want to derive the most out of it. Organizations have realized the power data possesses and they want to leverage this potential for their benefit. With Spark Streaming, you can take care of not only the real-time prospect but the pre-processing and post-processing aspects too.
  • Spark Graph Processing: After you've collected the static and the streaming data, you need to process it. Mostly, data is represented in 2 dimensions, in rows and columns, but at other times, it might make more sense for you to represent data that is in the form of a graph. Spark Graph processing gives you the power to process data that is in the form of a graph and derive insights from it.
  • Spark MLlib: This is the distributed Machine Learning framework built on the top of Spark core, that is almost nine times faster than the disk-based implementation used by Apache Mahout. This framework simplifies large-scale ML pipelines as a number of common machine learning and statistical algorithms have been implemented and are shipped with MLlib.
  • Spark SQL: This lets you efficiently query the structured data in Spark programs using SQL or any other familiar DataFrame API. The querying is done using DataFrame and DataSet abstractions in Python, Java, and Scala.

We help you with all these and build starking solutions for your business needs.


Why Aegis Software

Our approach and flexibility make us stand apart from the crowd of companies that deliver the exact same services. We are open to innovation and would love to hear something out-of-the-box and take it up as a challenge.

We have on our teams the best minds of the industry who have excelled in their technologies. Our mission is to simplify businesses through the application of Technology and make them smoother to operate.

We cater to our onshore and offshore clients with equal zeal and deliver only the best solutions around the finest technologies. Our team of predictive analysts makes your data a source of immense information and insights.

Migrate to Big Data and analysis today, and, to do so, send us your requirements. We will build specifically for you, solutions that will answer your deepest questions and face your most complex business challenges.