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Top Natural Language Processing Developers

Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a machine to understand human language as it is written or spoken. NLP-based applications are typically used for communication, content analysis, text generation and summarization.

We're building a team of top talent to revolutionize how businesses communicate with people around the world using natural language processing technology. We're aggregating and turning information into actionable insights and making it accessible and consumable at scale to businesses everywhere.


Our NLP solutions developers will play a critical role in your journey to gather intelligence from raw data and transform the way your business interacts. Reach out to a natural language processing developer from our Indian office for a free consultation.

Natural Language Processing: What You Need to Know?

Natural language processing is an umbrella term for a class of computational techniques that process human language data. It is related to computational linguistics, information retrieval, pattern recognition, machine learning development services and speech recognition. NLP's goal is the understanding of natural language text.

A natural language processing developer devises algorithms that conducts a variety of different tasks to understand human language, including:

  • Stemming, which is the process of reducing inflected or derived words to their word stem.
  • Identifying parts-of-speech and other syntactic categories.
  • Identifying semantic roles within sentences.
  • Identifying which constituent sentence elements satisfy the argument positions in the question and then generate an answer to the question.
  • Extract information from unstructured text, such as newswire texts.

Our systems can analyze these and a lot more factors to improve the accuracy of the interpretation. Our natural language processing developer India makes this possible by focussing on the four main areas

Linguistic Structure: The way language can be formalized as computer programs.

Language Structure: The process of identifying and extracting useful information from text.

User Modeling: Designing models that take into account what a particular user knows, believes and desires when making decisions or generating text.

Discourse Processing: Understanding how language is used in context, i.e., the system should make reasonable assumptions about the knowledge of its users and their beliefs.


A Few NLP Solutions Offered by Our Developers

Because natural language processing can be applied to various industries, it's no surprise that it has numerous uses in software development. NLP has been extensively applied in various fields such as speech recognition, question answering, machine translation and text mining. The following are some of the popular NLP solutions used by our developers:

Text Analytics

Organizations use text analytics to analyze vast amounts of data present in textual data. They can extract information and gain insights regarding customers, products and services offered by companies. Text analytics utilizes NLP tools like word stemmers, word detectors and stop words to find out what terms your customers are using while searching your website or product catalogs.

Text Classification

NLP classifies texts into predefined categories. For instance, you can classify customers based on the products they like and what is important for them. This process is useful for security purposes as well. You can monitor different kinds of threats and predict their development.

Text Summarization

We build automatic summarization software capable of extracting the most important information from a longer text. Systems developed by our natural language processing developer do not just extract a few sentences, but rather make a summary that includes all the important points that can reduce your time.

Sentiment Analysis

This kind of analysis detects the positive or negative feelings behind the statement made by a customer. It helps in understanding how people feel about the company's products and services. A company can use this technique to gauge whether their customers are happy with the services they are providing or not.

Predictive Analytics

Using natural language processing algorithms, our NLP solutions developers can help predict things like customer churn or the likelihood of them buying a certain product, which helps businesses improve their marketing efforts.


How Can You Apply NLP to Improve Your Business?

Natural language processing enables businesses to get and analyze data at scale, allowing them to provide more accurate information and better service. For example, it can help with customer service by providing a single point of contact for customers to solve their problems. In addition, NLP can be used by companies to gather data on their clients' views and opinions about the company's products or services.

Reduce Manpower & Human Error

You can use natural language processing to build an automated helpdesk for your organization. This will allow users to submit a question or request for assistance in plain text form and then have the interaction machine-read and responded to by the system. This saves the company from having to hire customer service agents who deal with common requests on a daily basis and also cut down the chances of human errors.

Improve Customer Service

Applying Natural Language Processing to customer service will allow us to automate certain parts of our customer service process that has been performed manually by human agents so far. NLP can be used to develop computational models that capture linguistic structure but are not constrained to match actual sentences from any spoken or written language. These systems attempt to generate coherent and grammatical English text understandable by humans.

Automatically Translate to Different Languages

Machine translation systems can translate from a natural language source language into another target language without human intervention. We increase the accuracy of the translation by analyzing and feeding a number of local language dialects for the closest translation possible.

Analyze Social Media Data

Another important way that businesses can use NLP is to analyze social media data. By mining Twitter feeds, Facebook comments and more, businesses can identify trends and respond accordingly.

Detect Spam Emails

A lot of online businesses are facing problems due to unwanted mails. Email spam messages can create a hindrance in their work as they have to spend time opening these spam emails and deleting them manually. But now, companies are trying to make use of NLP to block spam emails automatically.

These are just a few of the applications possible with NLP. Our NLP solutions developers can help you plan and customize the right approach for your problem. Reach out to our natural language processing developer in India now.