QA Testing Services

QA Testing Services

Whether you want to be sure that your website is functioning properly or you want to get your product to market as soon as possible, our QA testing services company can help. Regardless of your project's size, our QA testers have the experience and dedication needed to ensure that every last detail is taken care of.

Our QA testing services are designed to help you produce a better product. Whether you're an established brand or a startup, our goal is to help you achieve product-market fit before your product ever hits the shelves.

Our QA application testing solutions are not a one-time process, but rather an ongoing method of development, often occurring at multiple stages during a product’s lifecycle. It involves all aspects of software development, from requirement analysis to post-implementation evaluation. If you want to hire us for our QA consulting services or application testing solutions, then reach out to our team now.

How Does Our Quality Assurance Testing Services Work?

Quality assurance is a fundamental part of software development and the software testing services industry. Companies often outsource the task to third-party testers who can check for bugs and errors in the software before it is shipped out. Thanks to this, companies can develop more reliable products and ensure that their customers are getting a premium experience.

Testing Services Work

Every quality assurance services company employs various methods when conducting QA tests on an application or a program. We perform QA testing by following a defined testing methodology to ensure the quality of the software. The methodology involves the following steps:

  • We create a test plan, set up the test environment, test case design and preparation.
  • We then proceed to perform tests using various methods. This can be where they simulate scenarios that real users could encounter while using the program, or it could be where they manually check certain parts of it to look for errors or bugs that shouldn't be there.
  • We test all available functions to ensure that there are no issues with the user interface, functionality, or any other components being tested as a part of this project.
  • Once we’ve finished testing, we will prepare a report detailing all the potential bugs found in the program and share our final report with you.

Our QA Application Testing Solutions

We know that launching a new product can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Our quality assurance testing services are designed to put you at ease by helping you avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes.

At Aegis Softwares, our process for QA application testing services are designed to ensure that your product is ready to be deployed. We have a wide variety of testing solutions available — with everything from basic functional testing to usability studies. Our quality assurance services company will work with you to test your product in the following areas:

Functional Testing

Our functional testing is designed to ensure that all of your web or mobile application features function as they should. We will test each feature individually as well as integrate all functions together to provide an overall assessment of how your product is performing in terms of functionality.

Usability Testing

Usability testing determines how easy it is for your users to accomplish tasks using your product. This process will include using various tools and methods to provide an objective review of how easy it is for users to use your product effectively.

Mobile App Testing

We offer full-service mobile application testing services that range from general functionality tests to user experience reviews. When required, we can also develop native applications for a variety of operating systems and devices so you can rest assured that your app will function as expected on any device or operating system.

Compatibility Testing

No matter if you are developing a web application or mobile app, it’s essential to ensure that your app is compatible across all devices and operating systems. We design our QA application testing services to make sure that they're compatible across all required platforms and devices.

Performance Testing

This type of testing evaluates how well an application performs under various conditions such as high volume usage, large amounts of data and high-use applications. Our main performance testing goal is to identify bottlenecks or performance issues before it gets to the users.

Hire People

Choosing the Right QA Testing Services Company

The QA test team should do various types of testing to ensure that the client's application works as intended and meets all the business needs. Each type of testing can be used at various stages of development – unit, integration and system testing.

Sometimes it's necessary to run regression tests to check whether new features or modifications affected the existing parts of the code. Also, tools like load and performance testing help us know whether the server can handle the expected load amount.

QA Services Company

So the team you choose for quality assurance testing services should have the expertise and the working knowledge to decide the right approach and do an extensive test of your application. This is where our QA testing services company is skilled.

  • Our QA testers are highly experienced and they have enough knowledge to perform different types of tests effectively.
  • They work in an agile environment using tools like JIRA and Bamboo for project management, TestComplete for unit testing and Selenium WebDriver for automation.
  • We will spot actual bugs which are likely to be discovered by the customers or clients.
  • Our QA application testing services will point out your competitive advantages and disadvantages.
  • We will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your business model, product, features and other aspects of your business and product.
  • We will help you avoid scenarios where your business may face major losses in terms of money, time, effort etc.

Have a project on your mind? Contact us for our QA consulting services to get some much-needed guidance on testing your project.