Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud infrastructure is the foundation of cloud computing. They include virtualized hardware, storage and networking resources that enable access to apps, data and processing power over the internet.

Aegis Softwares is one of the most experienced cloud infrastructure companies in India, having helped over 200+ businesses set up, expand, migrate and maintain their cloud resources.

We provide cloud infrastructure services to help you build and allocate resources for your IT systems to run effectively. We help fulfill multiple business requirements, including disaster recovery, site resiliency, cost management and regulatory compliance. We also assist with managed cloud migration services, helping you move to your choice of cloud service provider.


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Why Should You Consider Cloud Computing?

Cloud infrastructure services enable users to access and use virtualized resources without maintaining the underlying hardware and software. These services also allow multiple users to share a single instance of a resource, reducing the cost of consuming computing power and other IT resources.


Cloud infrastructure enables users to quickly add or remove virtualized resources based on their needs. This helps users avoid overpaying for IT resources that they're not using. It also provides better security because unused virtualized resources aren't exposed to threats from hackers.


Cloud infrastructure companies manage the underlying hardware and software that support virtualized resources, ensuring they always run at optimal levels. This leads to a reduction in costs, a better user experience and a more secure network.


Cloud infrastructure allows you to access your documents, files and other data from any internet-connected device. This is particularly useful for business travellers who need access to their data from anywhere in the world.


Cloud infrastructure provides the foundation of cloud computing, enabling companies to deploy all or part of their IT infrastructure on a public or private platform. Cloud infrastructure services companies can help businesses access higher computing resources than they would be able to afford if they had to purchase and maintain servers, storage and networking equipment on-site.

Focussed Operations

Cloud infrastructure is also a boon for IT departments because it focuses on strategic initiatives rather than help desk support and maintenance tasks. A cloud service provider's engineers do most of the heavy lifting, so IT departments can focus on building out new products and services for their business while leaving the underlying infrastructure up to someone else.


Choosing the Right Cloud Architecture for Your Development

Cloud computing provides everyday users with an abstraction layer that allows them to use applications, storage and other services provided over the Internet without managing the underlying infrastructure and technology. Cloud infrastructure companies help you to do just that but hiring a reliable one — a company that can take a load off your back is necessary.

At Aegis Softwares, we have been working with companies developing, optimizing and maintaining cloud platforms for more than 12 years. We know the best way to deliver a cost-effective solution to you that solves your common business challenges. And can help you to choose the right cloud computing solution for your applications.

To start with, cloud infrastructure can be delivered as a public, private or hybrid model.

  • Public cloud services are hosted online and available to anybody with an internet connection.
  • Private cloud services are hosted on-premises and accessible only to those who have the necessary credentials to participate in the network.
  • Hybrid cloud is a blend of both models. Hybrid cloud services can be beneficial for organizations that need some control over their IT infrastructure but also want access to the benefits of the cloud environment.

While these are the common differences between cloud computing based on the level of access, there is one more way of classifying them based on the services they’re used for.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides virtualized resources, such as servers and storage. Users can deploy and configure their own operating systems, databases and other software on these virtual machines. These resources are available as needed, but they typically require integration with existing systems.

Platform as a service (PaaS) is another cloud computing model that provides the software and computing power needed to build and deploy platforms. PaaS eliminates much of the need for developers to create their own foundational components and offers access to APIs and other pre-built tools.

Software as a service (SaaS) SaaS is a delivery model in which a provider hosts and makes available over the internet. In addition, SaaS requires fewer IT resources because it's not necessary to install and maintain the infrastructure on-premise.

Based on your requirements, our cloud infrastructure experts can deliver the right IaaS, PaaS or SaaS cloud platform.


Our Cloud Offerings

Cloud Consultation & Planning

As one of the reliable cloud infrastructure companies in India, we work with leading hosting providers to provide you with highly secure and reliable options. We allow you to focus on your business, knowing that we'll handle the infrastructure. You can then run applications and websites on this infrastructure and leave everything to our cloud infrastructure experts to maintain the server hardware and software.

Cloud Architecture Development

Cloud architecture is a term used to describe the design, development, and implementation of applications in the cloud. When offering cloud architecture development, our primary goals are to improve the availability, reliability, fault tolerance, security, scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of our clients' cloud systems.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our cloud infrastructure experts have expertise in many areas, including systems administration, security, networking, virtualization and storage. We take the complexity out of setting up and managing cloud resources and deliver a robust cloud system.

Cloud Migration Services

Do you want to migrate or test your applications in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment? We offer cloud migration solutions to help you gain perspective on the best way to proceed. Our managed cloud migration services help you move from your existing infrastructure to the cloud with little or no disruption to your existing systems.

Cloud Security Services

We design cloud security systems to protect your infrastructure from cyber threats, vulnerabilities in IT systems, devices and applications that could lead to breaches in network security. As one of the leading cloud infrastructure services companies, we know the best way to protect data in motion across networks and address compliance issues related to government regulations, industry standards and internal policies.