Cloud Data Warehouse Consulting Services

Cloud Data Warehouse Consulting Services

Trying to manage your whole data warehouse on the cloud can be a difficult task. And it is not easy to go through all the technicalities of setting up and managing a data warehouse in the cloud on your own. That is why it is advised to outsource cloud data warehouse solutions to an experienced team of professionals who have mastered this process over many years of experience.

Aegis Softwares is one of the top cloud data warehouse companies with experience of over 12 years. Whether you are evaluating cloud computing or already have a cloud deployment, we can help you plan, design, deploy and manage your cloud data warehouse solutions. We have skilled data warehousing consultants who will help you build a perfect data warehouse for your business.


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Choosing Cloud for Data Warehousing Solutions

The cloud data warehouse is a collection of data that resides in the cloud. This process involves collecting and storing data in a secure environment. It is generally used to store and analyze massive amounts of data generated by any organization. Our data warehousing consulting services assist in creating a new cloud-based data warehouse or moving an existing on-premises data warehouse to the cloud.

The cloud data warehouse offers you several advantages, including cost savings, more efficient development and deployment, improved accessibility and scalability and more. There are many more reasons you would want to consider the cloud for your data warehouse.

Data Warehousing
  • The biggest advantage of using a cloud-based data warehouse is that it helps you save resources otherwise spent on building and maintaining your own database infrastructure.
  • With a cloud-based data warehouse, you also get access to the latest tools available to help your company make the most of its information.
  • The cloud offers a lot more flexibility than a traditional on-premise setup. You can add or remove compute nodes as needed. This is really important for scaling out your data warehousing solution.
  • Instead of buying software and hardware, you simply rent it from the cloud provider. This makes it very easy to use in your business because you don't have any software or hardware to manage and maintain.
  • Also, you get access to supercomputers with petabytes of storage capacity that would be impossible to match with on-premise solutions.

Our Data Warehouse Consulting Services

We provide cloud data warehouse consulting services to help customers understand the technical and business aspects of data warehouses. It is designed for new and experienced business users, offering a service-oriented approach to help them make better decisions about information technology and their business.

We are one of the top data warehouse service providers with exceptional experience handling various aspects of data warehouse and analytics. Our data warehousing consultants can assist businesses in implementing cloud-based enterprise solutions. We offer various cloud data warehousing services, including:

Business Analysis Consulting

We help you make sense of your data and develop new business processes to get the most out of it. We apply our expertise to help you streamline your business processes, gain insights into your data and uncover opportunities to improve your bottom line.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

We help you leverage the cloud to build cost-effective, flexible and secure enterprise solutions that enable new business models and drive competitive advantage. We draw on deep experience in helping organizations plan, design, deploy and manage cloud strategies and solutions to maximize return on investment.

Cloud Architecture and Design Consulting

Our architects work closely with you to understand your business needs, data management requirements and industry standards before designing a solution tailored to your unique circumstances. We can help identify architectural patterns that minimize risk while maintaining scalability, availability, and security standards.

Cloud Migration Consulting

Our data warehousing consultants have extensive experience migrating complex enterprise applications from on-premises environments to the cloud or from one cloud provider to another. We can provide customized migration plans with minimal downtime based on your unique needs.

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Our Process for Data Warehouse Service

You may have various questions about implementing a data warehouse. Our team is available to address your concerns with flexible hours and friendly staff willing to answer any queries you may have about our data warehouse service. We have helped clients to implement their cloud data warehouse in the past. We have seen so many business models and know what each client needs. That is why we have become one of the most sought-after cloud data warehouse companies to get started with data warehousing.

Implementation Services

We follow a defined process to provide our cloud data warehousing services — to make sure that we meet all your requirements and develop a warehouse that’s accommodating for your future needs too.

  • The first step is to learn more about your company and its existing IT systems. By talking to our consultants, you will get a better idea of what you need from cloud data warehouse solutions and we’ll also understand more about your requirements.
  • Before we start working with you, we will carry out an in-depth analysis of the situation to make sure that we can meet your requirements.
  • Once we know all about your business, our cloud data warehouse consultants will be able to create a detailed plan that outlines how they will meet your requirements while keeping costs down and making sure that everything fits into your budget.
  • We’ll reach out to you with the detailed outline, get your inputs, put on the final changes before starting the work.
  • Our team will keep in contact with you throughout the project. You can always contact one of our specialists if you have any further questions or concerns.
  • Once delivered, we also stay on to maintain your data warehouse and provide additional tweaks, if necessary.

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