Automated Software Testing Services

Automated Software Testing Services

The objective of any testing process is to ensure that a software application or system meets its requirements and all the assumptions made during the design and development stages. Testing provides a way to assess if the software meets its expectations to identify and fix defects before the product is released.

Many organizations have already realized the importance of software automation testing services and have started using automated tools for various functionalities like regression, integration, performance and security. With our software test automation services, you can expect:

  • 35% reduction in testing time
  • 45% reduction in testing cost
  • 25% more accurate testing process

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Why Automated Software Testing?

Software testing is the process of putting a software application through its paces to determine whether or not it will perform as expected. The goal is to make sure that the application will be useful and reliable once it's put into use for its intended purpose.

Conventionally, all tests are manually written and therefore prone to human errors. Automated software testing is the technique of using a software program to execute predefined tests as well as to detect and report defects in a computer program. Software test automation services help software providers find bugs before their customers do, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and boost efficiency.


Automation testing services are designed to isolate faults and identify areas where concerns about security and stability may exist. Many test automation services today rely on key testing principles:

  • Reduce the effort required to conduct tests by automating manual processes so testers can focus on more complex tasks
  • Deploy various test automation solutions that are designed to increase test efficiency and coverage
  • Ability to run several tests with only one click or command and get accurate results without any human intervention
  • Capture defects early in the development cycle, when they're easier and less costly to fix
  • Focus on key business goals rather than specific test cases when designing tests for new applications
  • Ability to generate reports automatically instead of manually writing them down
  • Allow the teams to focus on finding bugs and quality issues instead of repetitive tasks like updating manual test environments or checking in code changes
  • Helps with compliance issues such as PCI DSS, HIPAA or SOX and ensures that your applications are always ready to pass audits

Our Software Automation Testing Services

Software testing is an integral part of the quality assurance and software development cycle. It is an essential process that involves executing a program or application to find errors. We offer custom automated software testing services for all applications and platforms, including web, desktop, mobile applications and business-critical systems.

Our automated software testing company will work with you to identify weaknesses in your current processes and deliver automated software testing solutions that ensure quality in your software development lifecycle.

Building Test Frameworks

We help you build test frameworks for automating your testing needs. Our professionals are proficient in building test frameworks for various platforms and technologies. We can build test frameworks for Java, .Net, Qt, C++, iOS, Android and other platforms and technologies.

Test Automation Tools Selection

We have the resources to evaluate tools that can help you automate your tests quickly. Our skilled professionals can advise you on selecting the right tool based on your organization's requirements.

Mobile Device Testing

If you're developing mobile applications, you need to make sure they're compatible with all major devices like Android and iPhone etc. Our mobile device testing service will help you test your applications on these devices and ensure they work properly.

Web Testing Automation

Web testing automation ensures that your web-based applications are functional and seamlessly across multiple browsers and platforms using automated tools. This ensures that we have more time to focus on improving the quality of their website and applications.

Load Balancing Testing

We provide load balancing testing services for any web application. This is one of the most critical types of application deployment tests and it must work perfectly if you want your customers to enjoy seamless online services.

Integration Testing

Integration Testing is the process of combining and evaluating system components to test whether they work correctly together. These components may be programming modules, pieces of hardware, or entire systems that can be accessed through mock objects.

Unit Testing

Unit testing tests individual units of source code and is carried out by the programmer as part of the development process. It is a broad category of automated testing to identify problems or bugs in either the program's source code or its design.

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Our Expertise in Test Automation Services

We provide test automation services with a wide range of tools like Selenium IDE, TestComplete, Ranorex, Macroplant Robot, QTP, Load Runner and many others more. Our team handpicks the right automation tool based on your software to ensure the best results. Here are a few of the tools we use as a part of our software automation testing services:

Expertise in Test Automation
  • TestComplete: We use this software testing tool for automated functional, regression, and load testing, as well as for non-functional testing such as ad-hoc performance testing and data-driven testing.
  • QTP: This tool provides an object-based approach to automated software testing and supports functional and performance testing. It also supports GUI scripting & record & playback functionality in order to create scripts quickly.
  • Selenium WebDriver: This open-source test automation framework drives browsers via a Java API and supports multiple languages like JavaScript, Python, PHP and Ruby. It functions as an interface between a testing framework and the software.
  • ALM Ranger: ALM Ranger is also an efficient automation testing tool that helps automate the software testing process easily at a low cost. Its features include scripting using Ruby or Python, performance monitoring, continuous integration and issue tracking tools.
  • Groovy: Groovy is an object-oriented scripting language for the Java Platform, which has a dynamic runtime system. We use Groovy to ex press Java code more concisely than is possible in setting up the testing environments.

These are just a few of the tools we use for automation testing services. Reach out to our automated software testing company to know more about our testing process.