Apache Spark Consulting Services

Apache Spark Consulting Services

We help organizations make something out of their data. We help you analyze massive online or offline data with the Apache Spark software framework. With Apache Spark's in-memory processing, a fast and easy way has been given to organizations to run interactive analytics on huge data sets.

With Apache Spark in the open-source, it gives a cost-effective way for real-time analytics and business intelligence. We at Aegis Software help you leverage the infinite potential of this technology for the boost in your business through effective decision-making enabled by insights from


Benefits of Apache Spark Consulting Services

Large-scale data handling:

Apache Spark is built for large-scale linear scalability and to support the distributed nature of data.

Rich and open-source:

It provides developers with numerous libraries and built-in functions, apart from API integration capabilities with Scala, Java, Python development services, and R. It provides the ability to access diverse data that resides in the Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS), Cassandra, HBase, and Amazon's Simple Storage Service S3.

Optimization of high-level operators:

While the traditional parallel-processing programs were hard to scale and complex in handling, Apache Spark is easily scalable.

Our experience with Apache Spark Consultancy

We at Aegis Software have a wealth of experience in implementing various real-world big data use cases like:

Apache Spark Consultancy
  • Mining real-time streaming data from social media websites and forums.
  • Text analytics to derive consumer opinion and perspective.
  • Real-time user profiling and customizations.
  • Data Integration and ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading)
  • Recommendation engine
  • ML applications

Our Apache Spark Consultation services

We at Aegis Software understand your business requirement comprehensively and then chalk out a strategy that would best suit you. We undertake consultation in these steps:

Understanding requirements

Understanding requirements

We know that all businesses though performing the same operations are different. And with this realization, we understand each of our client's requirements as a separate knowledge and don't mix our insights from two businesses. The vision, mission, and objectives of organizations vary, and so should their operations, challenges, and solutions.

Suggesting the best course

Suggesting the best course

After grasping the essence of your business and your analytics requirements, we prepare for you the perfect strategy of adopting Big Data analytics services through Apache Spark. We streamline the solution according to your time constraints, budget limitations, and business needs.

Satisfaction assured in the end

Satisfaction assured in the end

We offer a free trial of our services before compelling you to enter into agreements. We offer all the related Apache Spark services that pave the way of your success with Big Data and analytics. Our Apache Spark Experts provide the required support and maintenance services round-the-clock to be there for you if you face any minor glitch.

Aegis Software is the perfect consulting partner you are looking forward discuss the possible solutions to your most complex business requirements and challenges. Just send out a mail to info@aegissoftwares.com, and we will get back to you shortly.