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What is the use of a technology if you cannot derive one hundred percent from it? We at Aegis Softwares help you exploit the complete potential of the Apache Spark platform with the help of our pool of Apache Spark Solution Services in the domain.

Our team at Aegis Software is a leading provider of Apache Spark Solution Services and we are committed to helping your business derive the maximum value out of your data. The fast and general engine for the purpose of Big Data Processing can help you gain important insights form your data and can help you in making the perfect decision in regards to your business' operations, sales, or marketing plans.

The built-in modules for Machine Learning, Graph processing, data streaming, and SQL querying make it the most reliable and easy-to-implement platform to perform hardcore analytics and derive knowledge from your own data.

Uses of Apache Spark Solution Services For:

  • Speed – Apache Spark runs programs 100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce and is set to overthrow the Hadoop applications in the future.
  • Consumer outreach – Apache Spark is used by companies to reach on-the-go customers.
  • Application building – The technology allows for applications to be built using Java, Scala, and Python.
  • Predictive Analysis – You can get predictive analysis and recommendation building for your marketing automation and personalization needs.
  • One-stop shop – The technology combines SQL, streaming, and complex analytics to become the sole stop for big data processing requirements.
  • Scaling up – Apache Spark can help telecom operators with large-scale analytics.
  • Processes graphs – Visually represented data, in the form of graphs, is also capable of being processed with Apache Spark.

According to Forbes, about 56 percent of organizations are about to increase their Big Data investments over the next 3 years.

Apache Spark Solution Canada

Aegis and Apache Spark Solution Services

We at Aegis provide a complete bouquet of services in the Apache Spark arena.

  • With our Apache Spark consulting services, we understand your business in and out and then suggest a course of action that best suits your business requirements.
  • With our Apache Spark Solution and implementation services, we build for you, software applications that help you gain knowledge and insights from your data and that help you leverage the potential of Big Data for your business.
  • Data Analytics using Apache Spark is at our fingertips. Our team of experts does not shy away from handling the most complex of business needs and try to take up every challenge and turn it into a solution. We help you manage real-time streaming data and perform real-time analytics on the data that is flowing by.
  • Our Apache Spark Solution services render us to be able to tackle any and all of your issues related to the technology. Even a minor glitch in the delivered solution is tackled with care and competency at our end. We provide 24x7 maintenance and support services to all our clients and are always available to help you.

Our commitment to quality and integrity make us the best Apache Spark Solution services provider.

Tell us your business requirement or growth idea and we can together convert it into an up and running solution.