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Data Mining Definition

Data Mining is the methodology to transform Data into Information. In another words, Data Mining is the way to extract useful and important data from the original data source, and this useful data thus known as Information. Usually the outcome of data mining is data in specific pattern filtered out under certain rules.

Data Mining Software or Tool is just a automated solution work for classification and grouping of data so that a business can have a real information on business facts.

Use of Data Mining Software in and as Businesses Intelligence Companion

Data mining software works for extracting useful information out of the Data whereas Business Intelligence Software or say BI applications helps organization and its top level management to use the important statistics for future planning and management. Data Mining and Business Intelligence together gives the more insight of past data beyond warehousing.

Data Mining Software Solution allows statistical predictions, grouping and classification of data which are in fact useful to an organization or business.

When customized Data Mining Software Solution is implemented on high performance hardware topological platforms such as client/server or parallel processing computers, it can analyze massive databases and can provide future predictions to many of the management queries with combining to Business Intelligence Software.

Data mining software solutions helps in many different areas of Business structure such as CRM, HR, Sales and many others. Business Intelligence is all about analyzing the past for better prediction of future, which data mining is the way to classify the data so that important facts can be keep aside from bunch of data.

Data Mining Software Concepts Data Mining Commonly Involves Following Four Classes of Task

  • Classification: Arranging the data groups. Identification and classification of data comes under this task
  • Clustering: This task is much like classification but it doesn't’t predefine the groups. A background algorithm works for this
  • Regression: Modeling of data with reducing the feasibility of error
  • Association Rule Learning: Establishing the relationship between gathered data variables. For example, a market analysis which is widely known as market basket analysis does the analysis of which two different products bought together is an example of associability between two products

Data Mining Software Services And Solution

We at Aegis understand the needs of Business legend data and the future prediction for an organization. Our in-house trained BI Application Developers are experienced enough in understanding the depth of Data Mining Software and concepts behind the implementation. Software development services with Aegis assure our clients for getting the right Business Intelligence solution.

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