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Hadoop Development and Consultancy Services

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Apache Hadoop Services

Hadoop is an open source software framework from Apache that enables organizations to perform distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of servers. It helps to process huge amounts of data that can be structured, or complex, or unstructured.

Apache Hadoop's use cases lie across a range of industries and sectors for solving a multitude of complex business challenges. Businesses have come to terms with the usefulness of their Big data and want to leverage it to derive insights to better their operations and functioning.

In this scenario, Hadoop development services is of importance to store, process and analyze massive amounts of data and derive the bits of knowledge form it to be used for an organization's benefit.

Apache Hadoop Development Services

We at Aegis Software can help you separate the wheat and the chaff in terms of your data and can boost your business with the help of useful insights and research. Our team of experts can help address your large data processing needs with proficiency.

We help you take advantage of Hadoop's inherent qualities like fault tolerance, scalability, reliability, speedy computation, and resilience for your organization's data handling and computation needs.

The experience of more than a decade backs our team of professionals and has made us a reliable partner for Hadoop Development and consulting services for our onshore and offshore customers in India, Canada.

How's Hadoop useful for you

If you as a business realize the potential your data has, Apache Hadoop is the way to go for churning this data into meaningful insights. We can help you with:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence needs
  • Real-time Reporting solutions
  • Interactive Reporting and Business Analytics
  • Search and Recommendation quality solutions
  • Data Mining and Data aggregation solutions
  • Performance Management
  • Solution scaling
  • Data warehousing requirements
  • Data Visualization techniques
  • Cluster grams and History flows
  • Predictive analysis and forecasting
  • Scoring pattern search and Rule discovery

Our services

  • Apache Hadoop Consulting Services –Solve your business' most complex data management challenges with our consultants and their wide knowledge of the subject. Consult with us for all your requirements and choose a path that best suits your data handling needs.
  • Hadoop Design and Development – Our team of experts is exceptional when it comes to different Hadoop Ecosystems like Hive, HBase, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume, etc. We can deliver to you scalable, robust, and secure Apache Hadoop solutions.
  • Hadoop Integration Services – Integrate Hadoop-based solutions with any of the Enterprise applications like LifeRay, CRM, ERP, Drupal, Talend, Alfresco, etc. and derive the most out of the data management platform.
  • Hadoop Support and Maintenance – We provide you round-the-clock support and maintenance services should you face any glitches any time of the day. We are at your disposal for the tiniest of difficulties, and make sure that Hadoop adoption is smooth for your enterprise.

Why Choose Aegis Softwares

Choose us as your Apache Hadoop development services partner for the following reasons-

  • We have an experienced team of Cloudera Hadoop developers who are subject matter experts in Big Data Management, Analytics, Consultation, and Integration.
  • We have been long enough in the industry to know its challenges and the ways to tackle them.
  • With a dedicated team for support and maintenance services, we lead our clients to 100% satisfaction.
  • We provide trial services to our clients so that they experience our services beforehand, and then sign with us the service agreement.
  • We provide the best solutions on time and within budget and therefore have earned appreciation from our clients.
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