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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting Services

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Finest Dynamics CRM Solutions for Any Business Challenges

Did you know that almost one-third of CRM systems fail? It’s more due to how the processes are handled than the actual CRM system itself.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a rich Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that focusses on the businesses and the customers it caters to. The best visualization tools and analytics combined with the ease of use make it the perfect choice for the CRM platform for businesses of any scale.

The best part about choosing Microsoft CRM is its ability to scale up or down based on the requirements and the specifications of the business. At Aegis Softwares, we offer CRM consultants services that help businesses to customize the platform according to the use cases. We are one of the best CRM development companies in India & Canada delivering, excellent practical solutions for business problems.

We channel the business applications the CRM platform can help with and create a system that offers all the features intended to make the everyday job easier and better. Come to us for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services fit in to solve your specific business challenges.


Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultants

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can use as a standalone application for specific business fulfilments or in integration with other platforms and tools for wholesome user experience. It can use across the entire business for several applications.

Multi-Channel Marketing Made Possible

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has so much to offer for anyone ready to utilize it for their marketing efforts. From roping in leads until the end of the conversion funnel, Microsoft CRM can customize the entire customer journey.

  • Run campaigns that include email marketing, social media marketing, and online advertisements.
  • Personalize the experience of individual lead based on customer profiles.
  • Use a multi-channel approach to retarget the leads and increase conversions.
  • Score the leads based on defined criteria and leverage it for quick conversions.
  • Customize dashboards that work favorably for understanding the analytics.
  • Automate a part of the marketing process that minimizes the human hours spent on manual tasks.
  • Use Dynamics 365 Connector to target leads from LinkedIn.
  • Analyze the response of your campaigns, understand customers better, and make changes to your current campaigns through real-time data analytics.

Equip the Sales Team to Close More Deals

Selling products or services isn’t as easy as how it was a decade back. The process of making a sale is challenging, with so many competitors fighting for the attention of customers. Our Dynamics CRM development services will help in understanding more about the customers, which eventually helps in closing more deals faster and retaining the existing customers.

  • Create sales pipelines based on customer profiles.
  • Analyze the leads you have and pick out the high prospects and highly probably leads and work on them first.
  • Use a mix of sales strategies to increase the interest of the leads.
  • Get access to the sales information anytime from anywhere from your fingertips through the Dynamics CRM platform.
  • Use the CRM to guide for the next course of action when in a difficult situation.
  • Keep updated on the progress of the sales team, the success rates, and other such necessary parameters to finetune the performance.

Deliver Efficient Customer Care

Offer the best customer service the people have ever seen with personalized experiences. Guide your employees to include the proven best practices that respect and prioritizes the customers.

  • Offer various channels through which the customers and leads can connect and interact with your business.
  • Monitor the customer experiences in these various channels, learn from it, and better the service offered.
  • Include AI-based boots to answer repetitive questions and resolve the basic customer queries without human involvement.
  • Use predictive analysis as a part of data analytics to predict the issues and resolve them in the shortest possible time.
  • Help the customer service agents to offer satisfactory solutions through guided processes.
  • Integrate social listening tools, feedbacks, and surveys with the CRM platform to improve the customer service.
  • Monitor the performance of the customer service agents, equip them better, and manage resources efficiently.

Help the Field Agents to Perform Better

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers specific field services that aim to help those agents on the field with the relevant information they need. We can include the relevant processes you need on the CRM platform and make it available to the field agents any time they want.

  • Manage the inventory efficiently and integrate it with the other departments for smooth functioning.
  • Streamline the scheduling of field agents with resources and tasks allocated.
  • Include predictive maintenance to resolve queries before they blow up.
  • Automate mundane tasks like scheduling, orders, and other warehouse related jobs.
  • Share the real-time tracking of the technician to the customers and send automated messages of appointments.
  • Use IoT to find out any problems in the processes and resolve them immediately.

Strategize and Implement Projects with Engineered Solutions

Based on your industry, we build the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform that is just right to manage your project from conception to implementation. If you are planning to implement any project, no matter the scale of it, Dynamics CRM can help to keep track of it, automate a part of tasks and enable efficient project implementation.

  • Use the visualization tools to project the cost of the project along with the resources needed.
  • Collaborate with different project members, assign responsibilities, and track the progress.
  • Predict the need for resources and keep them available before the stock runs out.
  • Help the different project teams to collaborate and share information through the Dynamics CRM platform.
  • Monitor the billable hours and utilize the resources as maximum as you can.
  • Keep an eye on the costs, run analysis, and find out ways to maximize the profits.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting Services

Aegis Softwares works with various facets of CRM. We offer holistic CRM services that align your business resources with engineered solutions that fit your industry needs. You can outsource your CRM needs to our in-house specialists in India & Canada.

CRM Consulting:

Not many understand how truly CRM can make an impact in the business unless they saw it with their own eyes. Our Dynamics CRM consultant can guide in explaining how much CRM can help in efficiently running the business from across various directions. Our Dynamics consulting services have been eye-openers for many to understand what CRM can do. We offer free consultation sessions with our best Dynamics CRM consultant. Contact Us to schedule a consultation session now.

CRM Development:

From creating a roadmap to implementation and performance tuning, our CRM developers are best at what they do in creating a customized Dynamics CRM platform for your business.

CRM Support and Maintenance:

Our CRM team will be available 24x7 to support your business. We also run regular maintenance checkups, make some tweaks to keep the CRM working at its maximum efficiency.

Do you want to know more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your business? Talk to one of Dynamics CRM Consultants now and get valuable insights.

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