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Client Speaks - Testimonials for Aegis Software

Java is one of the most-used programming languages in the world, no matter what the latest technologies are. Java can be used for the development of various applications integrated with new tech solutions and frameworks.

Aegis, as a renowned Java outsourcing company, provides remote Java development services for companies all around the world. You can outsource Java development of any complexity to us. Our Java developers are pretty skilled and equipped to solve any challenge with our versatile team of experts.


What Outsourcing Java Development to Us Looks Like?

When your business requires robust and stable applications that stand the test of newer technologies and requirements, then Java is the way to go. With our custom Java outsourcing development process, we make sure that your application is the best version of the other similar solutions available in the market.

  • We perform competitor analysis to understand the current features deployed and customer requirements to map the right solution.
  • We deploy Java applications to your existing process in such a way that it seamlessly becomes a part of your system.
  • We provide complete assistance for onboarding our Java development team and transition your project scope.
  • Our expertise in working on global Java projects will help you to build powerful tech solutions with simplicity.
  • We collaborate with the in-house team to leverage the emerging technologies to build a customer-centric application.
  • We analyze market gaps and current trends to suggest the best technologies and features to enhance your solution.

Our Remote Java Development Solutions

Our Java outsourcing development solutions can be used across all domains with all the leading technologies and software. We enable companies to develop hi-tech solutions that get noticed in super-competitive industries. Our solutions span from development and consultation to support and maintenance.


Java Consulting

Get insightful ideas and breakthrough strategies to build and improve your Java application with guidance from our top Java experts.


Java Software Development

Customize your Java software and applications with high-security, robust features with innovative solutions that give you an advantage over your competitors.


Enterprise Java Development

Solve the specific needs in your everyday operations with smart solutions designed to get integrated seamlessly into your existing processes.


Java Application Re-Engineering

Revamp your existing Java applications with new technologies and the latest customer requirements to improve user-friendly frontend and simple backend functionalities.


Java Migration

Move your application from any other programming language to Java or from any base platform to another seamlessly with minimal downtime.


Java CMS

Build Content Management System (CMS) with Java with customized admin dashboard and a user-friendly interface for the users to interact with.


Java Mobile Development

Let’s develop cross-platform applications for smartphone users by keeping in mind the current industry trends and customer needs.


Java App Maintenance

Keep your Java applications up and running with their best performance with regular maintenance checks and tweaks.

Our Expertise in Java Outsourcing Development

When you outsource Java development to us, we ensure that you get an ultra-fast application filled with lots of functionalities based on what the users expect from your business. We make this happen with our broad expertise in various technologies, frameworks and tools associated with remote Java development.

  • We assist in the migration of your storage from any offline or standalone system to cloud solutions of Amazon, Google and Microsoft.
  • We pick from Java/J2EE, J2ME and J2SE frameworks based on your application requirements.
  • We are experienced in various frameworks like LifeRay, Hibernate, JPA, Struts and Spring.
  • We develop various eCommerce and shopping Java apps for desktops and smartphones with simplified solutions on the backend.
  • We go through an extensive testing procedure to check the application for useability, performance, integration, regression, and many more.
  • We design a customized architecture and set up your application in integration with the rest of your processes.
  • We use various payment integration tools to create a high-secure connection to accept and send payments in global currencies.
  • You can rely on our dedicated team of Java developers to resolve any issues during and post-application development.

Why Choose Our Java Outsourcing Company?

Outsourcing Java development to us would mean that you don’t have to worry about a thousand things related to developing an application, choosing frameworks, tools, and platforms, and heading over a team of developers.

Our Java developers will make your work simpler and better with high-quality applications delivered within your timeframe. Our Java solutions enhance your current operations and will get you closer to your customers than before. We leverage our decade of expertise in working across several industries to develop Java applications.

  • Easy Workflow: With our agile approach, you’ll stay on top of the progress of the development with easy iterative workflows to monitor the project.
  • Best Practices: We only follow the best developmental practices at par with the global standards. Our developers are quite flexible to adapt your company’s documentation and development practices too.
  • High Security: We enforce the latest security technologies and practices to keep your project confidential. We also sign an NDA.
  • Diverse Technical Skills: Aegis is one of the few outsourcing Java development firms with various technical capabilities under one roof, right from different Java frameworks to plugin and design requirements.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our outsourcing plans for remote Java development are quite affordable and budget-friendly. You can experience the best-class services from our developers without spending a ton.

Have an interesting project for us?

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