Benefits of hosting your Java EE app with auto-scaling

Auto-scaling refers to OpenShift platform where you can horizontally scale your Java EE application (up or down) relying on the number of concurrent connections. OpenShift platform supports the JBoss app server (a certified platform for Java EE 6 development). Being an OpenShift user, you allow accessing both versions of Jboss and JBoss EAP 6 for free. Aegis team has shared this article for Java community to make them understand about hosting benefits of Java EE application with auto-scaling platform.


  • You can start if you set all the basics of Java in your mind. You can install the updated Java Development Kit (JDK), i.e. OpenJDK 7 or Oracle JDK 7 on your operating system. OpenShift platform supports OpenJDK 6 and 7.
  • Get all the basic knowledge about Java EE 6.
  • You need to sign up for an OpenShift Account for free. The Red Hat gives you three free gears on which you can run and check your application.
  • You can install RHC client tool on your device. It is a Ruby Gem, therefore you need to install Ruby 1.8.7 or above on your device. Type [sudo gem install rhc] over the command line excluding brackets. If your device has already installed RHC, make sure it is the updated one. If not, you need to execute command [sudo gem update rhc] excluding brackets.
  • You can now set up your OpenShift user account using [rhc setup] command that helps you in creating a namespace.

Auto-scalable Java EE PaaS features

Once you created a scalable JBoss Application using OpenShift platform, you get JBoss clustering with an HTTP load balancer that offers certain benefits:

  • Auto scalability
  • HTTP request load balancing
  • Session Replication
  • Distributed Cache
  • High Availability

To watch Auto-scaling in action, you can use Apache Benchmark command line utility that can help in creating concurrent user access. For any other assistance or query related to Java EE application development, you can contact Aegis team. Our development team will be happy to assist you.

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