Improvements/Documentation Updates in JDK 7u51 & JavaFX 2.2.51

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Documentation updates are available for latest release JDK 7u51 (Java development kit 7 Update 51) & JavaFX 2.2.51 and can be easily downloaded online. Let us have a close look at minor improvements in latest version one by one. Exception site List

From the last many years, plenty of security related features are implemented in accordance with project requirements. Most of the features are associated with web applets and browser plug-ins. Software vendors are usually asked to configure their apps more intelligently so that they can run over browser platform without showing any error.

Exception site list is an excellent source for software vendors and end users that allow them to control to control almost any web application. Now you can continue using rich internet applications (RIAs) that do not meet latest security requirements. Java applets hosted on a site with exception site list feature can be accessed quickly with applicable security prompts.

Security requirements for RIAs

Security changes are made to rich internet applications (RIAs) for providing better authentication and authorization in JDK 7u5 (Java development kit 7 Update 51). With latest security features implementation, it is not possible to access self signed or unsigned RIAs when permission attributes are ser HIGH or Very High. It means now you have to sign all RIAs before they are opened in browser. Secondly, also keep a check over permission attributes closely.

Signing JAR files

When signing a JAR file, signature should be time stamped otherwise error message will be displayed in front of you. Most of the JAR files are signed using private key algorithm. At the same time, when you are installing JRE on your operating system, don’t forget to restore previous security settings immediately.

Quiet clearly, java has become an appreciable development platform worldwide. Oracle and Java developers are making continuous changes and minor improvements to Java platform to make it even more powerful not only in India but globally.

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