Developers Linking Java & Javascript for Web Development with Jhipster

Java developers now have the JHipster app generator to link their JavaScript and Java development skills on same web based applications. This open source product offers tools of technologies comprising Angular.JS JavaScript framework, Yeoman scaffolding tool, and Spring Java framework. All these Technologies Are Used By Java developers to create corporate applications and gaming apps.

JHipster enables developers to link Java on the back-end and Angular.js and Javascript on the client using Spring. All the tools work brilliantly altogether For Java Development Services. Other tools handled with Hipster include the Spring MVC REST, Maven build tool for Java, and Spring Data JPA, across the server side.

java development

JHipster uses the Grunt JS task runner on the client for developing Javascript and CSS assets. It also uses Bower package manager to set up Javascript libraries. Users can access the apps over their mobile devices and laptops or desktops. Heroku cloud deployment is also supported in Java development with JHipster. Developers can create Java 7 or 8 applications with JHipster. Using the product with SQL databse or MongoDB NoSQL database is also achievable; Red hat OpenShift cloud support is intended as well. Developers can enable WebSockets in JHipster using Atmosphere framework for asynchronous java app development.

The upcoming short releases of JHipster specialize in compatibility and stability among all features offered by the product.

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