Developers now can use OpenXava 5.1 for rapid Java development

In this article, Aegis professionals will share information about OpenXava 5.1 release and explain its benefits to help Java community and global users and inform them about this update.

With the release of OpenXava 5.1, it becomes easy for java developers to work on enterprise level applications. OpenXava is a Java Development Company framework in which developers need to write the domain classes in simple Java to avail a web based app for performing various functions. The update has improved the inline editable collections; moreover, developers can perform many things in an element collection whenever possible in a regular detail view. They can experience rapid improvement in performance, which is 10 times better than earlier.

OpenXava 5.1 also supports new editor that enables developers to attach many files to an entity. It also includes Java 8 support and other features. The major improvements under element collection are:

  • Enhanced AJAX behavior – you can avail 10 times better responsive performance
  • Optimized fetching of reference data
  • Availability of search references with a search dialog
  • Support of annotations in the collection- @editonly and @readonly
  • Support of annotation in the embeddable class- @searchkey, @nosearch, @onchange, @onchangesearch, @searchaction and more.
Rapid Java Development

Fig- An instance showing how you can have collections

Here, in the above image, you can notice how one can use features in element collection and most of the things are available for general detail view. Developers can now make development process 10 times faster than before.

The other improvements include:

  • Java 8 support
  • Changed content of FirstSteps
  • Enhanced French messages
  • Latest common use labels for app development
  • Different methods that work for any kind of collection
  • Access tracking removal from distribution
  • Dropped Tomcat 5.5 support
  • Dropped IE 6, 7, 8 support
  • Inclusion of Tomcat 7 in distribution
  • Dropped module.jsp support
  • Dropped AccessTracking from OpenXava distribution
  • Enhanced delete action performance in detail mode
  • Removed clearCondition() method from ModuleTestBase
  • Enhanced behavior with READ COMMITED
  • Enhanced performance of delete action and more

With such enhancements and improvisation, it becomes easy for developers to perform rapidly to build java apps for enterprises. This latest releases for java development is a boon to entire community and global users of java applications.

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