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Java is the preferred software development platform of the programmers around the world. As a free source platform, it has led the developers to make use of its uniquely assistive tools and environment in programming a variety of applications. Exclusive but all accessible features such as ‘java compilers’ and ‘library’ among a lot others have become a big hit for the programming community.

All the java applications are platform independent and can be made to run on a variety of OS through javabytes assisted ‘java virtual machine’ which delivers customization to the parent OS. This has led to the adoption of java as the base for software development irrespective of the system’s implementing environment. India has been in the forefront of software services delivery with a sizeable portion of the global pie in its name. For java development, India has been taking lead on account of its significant share in the global software trade and service delivery. In fact, software services delivery now occupies a high rated position in the Indian GDP charting!

We may not find home PCs running on java but the latter is ruling high on the applications at the two extremities. Java is fueling a large number of server platforms around the world and managing bulk server operations. Java has echoed unique viability to balance the data flows, handle smart and intelligent traffic management across the systems, through its software platforms. Besides, a huge diversity of web applications are today run on java enabled programming modules.

Java has also been serving as the software platform for mobile OS applications such as ‘android’. With growing usage of smart mobile devices clearly signifying a new era of java development in India and its engineering talent is no where behind to defend its share! There has been an uptrend in India as regards the number of takers for the new emerging applications of java platforms such as smart mobile devices, servers, SMEs and sectoral enterprises. All this has been driven by the economic expansion and booming consumerism around the world and in countries like India in particular. With its potential still being reaped at large the prospects are surely brighter!

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