Major enhancements in Java 9 grabbing the attention of developers

Let’s discuss some real reasons behind their excitement

If you are a java developer, then Aegis professionals have something special to share about Java 9 updates. With recent enhancements, the entire java community and the developers have started expecting more features in the planned upgrade. The environment is already full of excitement and here we will discuss the major reasons behind this excitement of java developers.

Many JDK enhancement proposals for Java 9 were introduced recently, providing the updated perspectives on expected features in Java development Kit 9 that has been focused for release in the beginning of 2016. A modular Java through Project Jigsaw had been slated for JDK 8, but somehow the idea was dropped by Oracle. The technology makes Java Se more expendable to smaller devices.

Latest Jigsaw is not the only feature planned for Java 9, JSON data swapping format is another essential feature along with code cache, process API, and locking enhancements. Experts believe that the module system must be robust enough to standardize the Java Development Kit and other large legacy code bases without being not-reachable for java developers.

The reasons or rather say features creating the excitement among java developers India for Java 9 are:

Light weight JSON API :

The API is for consuming and developing documents and data streams using the JSON data interchange format (an alternative to XML).

Modular source code :

The main aim of this feature is to make execution of the Java SE platform easier to measurable down to smaller devices, enhance app performance and security, improvise maintainability, and offer better tools to Java developers for programming.

Process API updates :

These updates will help Java developers in improving the API for easy operating system process handling. The process API updates are being intended and designed to beat the limitations of the present API that pressurize java developers to make a use of native code.

Enhance contended locking :

This is aim for improving contended Java object monitors. This feature will efficiently benefit real-world applications.

Segmented code cache :

This feature will be used to separate code cache in the segments, each consisting specific compiled code to enhance performance of the application and enable extensions use.

Smart Java Compilation :

This is projected to enhance the S Java programming language compiler tool allowing it to be utilized by default in the Java development kit. It is also intended to develop long-term projects other than the JDK.

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