Starve off the age-old marketing techniques with Dynamics 365 latest add-ons!

Dynamics 365 latest add-ons

Microsoft Dynamics 365 created a buzz in the market from the time it has stepped into the industry. The inception of this highly efficient solution was intended to enhance the quality of operations of a company. Though, it is a CRM software, but it has 3 separate wings: Customer support, marketing and sales, and all of these are beautifully in sync with each other. This not only makes it easy for the people in different teams to enrich their functions but to coordinate with each other as well. Plus, now, the enterprise version of Dynamics 365 comes along with Dynamics AX, the ERP functionality as well.

Here are some of the top ways by which Dynamics 365 has offer transformational ways to revamp the marketing techniques of a company:

Open the doors to creativity:

Marketing experts are thinkers, who keep trying innovative ways to spread the word about the company. They intent to try out creative and innovatory methods to help the company achieve a distinctive position in the market. Therefore, it is utmost important for them to get hold of certain useful tools, which allow them to be creative. And, Dynamics 365 exactly just that! It has some special added features that enable the marketers to design various campaigns on their own. From the changes in designing to reshaping the communication, marketers get that advantage of adding more flavors to the marketing campaigns. They have the options to personalize and customize the marketing campaigns as well, in order to make them more attractive and appealing. Though, Dynamics 365 has some predesigned templates already there as well, and these can be used to save time too. But, sometimes some marketers prefer to curate the campaign as per their wish, and this feature allows them to do that!

Multi-channel marketing made easier!:

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365, marketing experts can create, and send out diverse type of marketing campaigns through different platforms. For example, from making email marketing campaigns to social media marketing campaigns, a marketing professional can not only create but also distribute all sorts of campaigns through Dynamics 365. This saves the marketing experts from the hassle of managing different tools or solutions for different type of campaigns. They can easily manage a variety of campaigns just by using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Target only the right audience:

One of the key ingredients of an effective marketing campaigns is to find out the apt target audience. In order to craft bang on marketing campaigns, marketers have to understand their target audience. Based on the interests and demands of the target audience, marketing professionals can curate and send out campaigns. Dynamics 365 has several places where the marketers can churn out the required customer insights. These sort of reports greatly help the marketing professionals to catch hold of the target audience’s pain points or interests or needs.

Lead scoring helps to convert leads faster:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 contains a very useful lead scoring feature. This attribute is used to rate the leads as per their performance. Now, this helps the marketing professionals to identify the strongest leads. And, the marketing professionals can curate customized campaigns which are targeted towards that particular lead group. This helps to exert a pull on a specific group of people and enhances the chances of their conversion. This not only helps the marketing team, but this feature is basically very helpful for the sales team as well. This allows the sales team to save time, and to easily convert more leads.

Campaign tracking feature:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions includes a very powerful marketing campaign tracking feature as well. This helps the marketers to track the performance of each and every campaign that they prepare. The feature is a fantastic way to analyze how the customers are reacting to the campaigns. The performance reports not only shows the success rate of the campaigns but it also provides the valuable feedback which is basically required to prepare much better and more impactful marketing campaignsevery time!

Microsoft Dynamics 365, the latest entrant in the Dynamics CRM line is an extremely evolved and highly efficient tool. This is not only a tool that is perfect for the customer support team, but it is also quite beneficial for the marketing and sales team as well. And, it Unified User Interface, and a plenty of other powerful features make it a preferred choice of the companies around the globe. It basically empowers the companies to perform better!

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