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Being a great systems analyst or an effective program writer not only involves knowledge, experience and skill but a little more to add in it, in order to produce a working code. A perfect code is the one which is effective, elegant, reliable and secure at the same time.

Renowned government agencies and financial institutions, nowadays, make it very clear to their outsourcers and internal development teams that they need such programmers who are masters in writing secure codes. It extends the usability of code by enabling the institutions and agencies to specify access to issue codes, activity, and resource to certain specific project. This is the reason why Java outsourcing companies in India are encouraging their programmers to join such courses which enhances the knowledge, skills and eventually ability of the systems analyst to avert the applications from getting hacked. Such courses cover a wide range of programming skills. Instead of creating awareness of basic programming concepts to the students the course emphasis more on the concepts of secure programming which concentrate on specific piece of code, works on recognizing a security flaw and fixing it.

The course offers you code study, working with actual tools, forming applications, doing hands on and eventually gaining confidence of forming a Java application with a secure code. The students learn to perform the security review of the language. They are taught to perform security testing and minutely analyse the actual vulnerabilities and fixing them by using correct and secure techniques of coding.

The course includes the solution for Common Web Application Vulnerabilities like Parameter manipulation, HTTP response splitting, SQL injection, Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and Cross-site scripting (XSS). Aside this, encryption, access control, session management, authentication and data validation are a few other areas which are considered in such courses. Companies involved in Java outsourcing takes into account all these aspects in order to keep themselves high in the market.

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